Why Israel?

Why Israel?
Why Israel?
Why Israel?

This often turns out to be a highly personal question, but most Israelis have an intriguing answer to it. The main part of the Israeli character is the ability to combine things. The combination of cultures, tastes, different experiences, and backgrounds bring the country together and make the holy-land a truly unique place.

It’s all a combination

Israel forms a bridge between biblical times and modern life. Visitors can tour holy sites in Jerusalem or the historic city of Safad and see the modern metropolitan Tel Aviv, which only rose from the sands of Jaffa in 1909, with all its inimitable “chutzpa”.

Even geographically, the country contains the lowest place in the world, the Dead Sea, alongside the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon.  Arava and the city of Eliat will fulfill most people’s visions of the holy land as a dry, desert region, but green fields and fertile orchards await in the Galilee. The geography itself combines these opposites.

Peoples and religions combine and mix in this land of contrasts, too. The historic tales of the Jews in Masada are told right next door to the ones about Jesus in Bethlehem and Nazareth. The country has also held an important place in Islam, as the site of the ascension of Muhammad. Muslims have also revered this land throughout the years. The lesser-known Druze and Baha’i faiths have holy places on Mount Carmel.

The demographics of the country also fail to surprise few. Jews from everywhere from Russia and Poland to Yemen and Ethiopia call the country homeland along with Arab people who have lived here for generations. Visitors will see this cultural combination in the food, and falafel exemplifies this mélange. The balls of falafel originated in Egypt. The Syrian influence added a bit of hummus to the mix. Put all that in pita bread and throw in some vegetable salad and you have the pan-Mediterranean fast food of the holy land.

Why a private tour?

Taking the Israeli penchant for combination, you can use a private tour to find the perfect combination of elements during a trip. We can plan the trip together, focusing on your priorities and preferred pace instead of being rushed along on a one-size-fits-all group tour. For a family or a group of friends, going with me in private car that seats seven ends up being cheaper, as well.

Why Ori Stern as your guide?

For a trickier question, why should you go with me as your private tour guide? You guessed it: I combine things. I have a vast knowledge of the history, geography and culture of my country. I also have an adventurous spirit and love taking rides on my Yamaha FZ800. I combine these elements and put them all together in a compelling narrative that makes travel fun. As a seventh-generation Israeli ” Sabra”, who has traveled the world for years and loves adventure, I strive to bring my deep roots in the region and my familiarity with the modern country together for my guests. I am an experienced driver who knows the paths, birds, flowers and plants of the country, and who loves discovering them during walking tours. . Combine all these elements, and you have the makings of a great trip in the holy-land.


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